About P&J Manufacturing

Admittedly, we’re proud of our company history, but why should you take the time to read it? The answer is simple — you’re probably somehow connected to the machining or metal finishing business, and you’re trying to find a reliable source for blast finishing, peening, grinding, or deburring We’ve been around since 1977. Again, if you’re in the business, you know that to survive in this industry for that long, you need either a rich uncle or a solid commitment to providing a quality product at a competitive price. We checked the family tree, found no rich uncles, and got down to work.

P&J Manufacturing was founded by John, Elizabeth and Peter Harvey in a 1000 square foot building with very little heat and no running water. Beginning with a single job and one machine, the business quickly grew, adding more machines and employees so that in our second year in business we purchased our first building, more than quadrupling our size.
Our equipment:

Double-Disc Grinding

SDG-3 30″ Gardner Rotary Double-Disc Grinder
Three 2H-30 30″ Gardner Rotary Double-Disc Grinder
Two 2H-20 23″ Gardner Rotary Double-Disc Grinder
Three Mid-State Automation Vibratory Feeder Bowl Systems for Double-Disc Grinder

Surface Grinding

CESI/150/4S Famtec Swiss Thru-Feed Surface Grinder

Vibratory Finishing

23 cu. CLM Vibe-Tech Vibratory Finishing Machine
22 cu. Vibra Finish Vibratory Finishing Machine
Two 20 cu. SWECO Vibratory Finishing Machine
Two 10 cu. SWECO Vibratory Finishing Machine
3 cu. SWECO Vibratory Finishing Machine

Shot Peening

1.5 cu. Gibson Tumbler Blast Shot Peen System

Parts Drying
10 cu. Vibra Finish Heated Cob Dryer

50 Gal. Globe Hupp Barrel Tumbler
9″ Timesaver Belt Sanding Machine
1000 Gallon DB-55N Deep Bed Paper Filter System (3 total)
Flo-Pro Magnetic Filters (multiple throughout facility)