Thrufeed/Surface Grinding

Our Famtec CESI-150-4S is a Swiss high precision mechanical surface grinding machine utilizing a belt feed conveyor system. Parts are passed under a horizontal wheel at varying speeds and pressures. A high production process that can be used on, blanked parts, stampings, bar stock. We can grind any flat surface as small as .500″ (12mm) wide by .040″ (1mm) high to as large as 6″ (152mm) wide by 6″ (152mm) high and, length of part is unlimited.


Applications Include (But not limited to):

  •  Brake Pads
  • Gearbox Components
  • Motor Components
  • Valve Spacers
  • Cutting Blades
  • Wear Components
  • Pump Housings
  • Cutting Knives
  • Conductor Components
  • Bearing Cages
  • Distance Rings